As buyers continue to rely more and more on technology to assist in their home search, video has become an increasingly important element of every good marketing plan. A professionally produced video tour allows buyers to more fully understand what your home has to offer. Adding depth and dimension, these professionally shot tours are available at no extra charge to sellers*. 

With so many buyers from the Bay Area making the move up north, video tours can help to separate your property from the rest and ensure maximum exposure. Shared on a variety of websites including YouTube, Facebook, and your own Personal Property Website, a great video will increase the number of eyes on your property - leading to a faster sale and the best price possible. 

While some agents may offer a "Virtual Tour", the video below shows the real difference that a "Video Tour" can make. 

*Video tours are best utilized on properties that are in excellent condition. Additional efforts should be made to prepare the home for sale given the detailed nature of video images.